Kayam (2011)



This Psychological Drama dwells deep into the fathomless recesses of
the mind to explore the mystery and complexity of human passions. Set
in a remote hamlet adjacent to a Dam Site in the High Ranges of
Kerala, the film tells the story of a handful of rustic characters whose
lives are calm and serene on the surface, but runs deep like the waters
on which they depend for their livelihood.
Choonda [Manoj K. Jayan], the foster child of an aged couple in the
village is admired by everyone for his extraordinary skill in catching fish
from the river and the dam site. Though dumb by birth, Choonda is also
the star player in the Kabadi team of the village that has won many a
laurel in the local tournaments. He falls in love with Thamara [Swetha
Menon] the bewitching beauty of the neighboring village. As her name
[lotus] suggests, she blooms out of the dirt. She is as enigmatic as
Nature itself. She witnesses her mother, who was the village harlot
being murdered in a gang rape. Left all alone in the wide world she tries
to fend for herself and struggles to remain virtuous. Her beauty however
is her curse. There is not a man in the village, young or old, who
doesn’t secretly covet her body. Choonda too tries to woo her. Forced
by circumstances Thamara chooses to throw her lot with Choonda and
elopes with him to his village. Their peaceful life is thrown out of gear
when Sasikkuttan [Bala} reaches the village as the captain of a Kabadi
team for a match with Choonda and his men. Though they start off as
rivals, Choonda recognizes Sasi as his long lost brother. The siblings
unite and Sasi decides to stay back in the village. He falls in love with
Muth, the daughter of the foster parents of Choonda. Life flows smooth
like the calm river. But then, things take a totally unexpected turn.
The plots thickens as the life of Thamara, Sasi, Muth and that of the
whole village, gets caught in an entangled web of intertwining passions
of love and lust, trust and betrayal, and the primeval struggle for
existence against all odds.

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